Smart APIs

Sales increase when you harness Value-Ad's A.I. driven lead allocation and management solution, delivered by Enterprise Grade API-based components.

The Smart Lead Management System breathes new life into your sales force! Our solutions are built on research, analysis and key strategies, backed by years of experience in the industry.

Smart APIs effortlessly add powerful lead allocation and management capability to your existing portal or application.

Problems We Solve

You have invested in your own lead management system that does not manage leads effectively

Sales are poor and you are unable to see where sales process is failing and can be improved

You want to add lead management capability but don't want salespeople to log into more than one system

Low reporting visibility - you don't what happens after leads are referred and assigned to salesperson

How it Works

Value-Ad’s A.I. driven lead allocation engine does the backend heavy lifting and serves enriched data back to users via your own portal or application

Step 1:

Integrate your existing portal or mobile application via our Enterprise Grade API

Step 2:

Leads are loaded (in bulk or ad hoc) and matched to the right salesperson at the right time using A.I. to optimize sales success

Step 3:

Our core backend pushes the match and other relevant information to the selected salesperson who receives it via your lead channel/application

Step 4:

Feedback is collected via the Organisation’s lead view/application and returned to Value-Ad Core

Step 5:

The feedback received is used to make A.I. decisions and take action on the next step in the agreed workflow

Key Benefits

Leverage platform ecosystems into extensible APIs, where integrations between systems that once took months to build, now could take just weeks or days (or even hours!).

Use Your Own Front End
Increased Sales
Increased Transparency and Detailed Reporting
Improved Customer Experience
Rapid Deployment - Short integration time between systems
Safe and seamless REST API integration

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