Security and Reliability

Value-Ad takes security very seriously.
Protecting your data and meeting your compliance requirements is our mission.
To that end we follow today’s security best practices to provide enterprise grade security, including the following: 

   No Multi-Tenancy or Commingling of customer data each customer is set up on their own / separate environment
   No data is stored on user’s mobile device
   PII data can be hosted on your premises 
   Your data remains yours and is only used for purpose agreed to

   Tiered environment for greater security

   Highly available environment setup across multiple availability zones

   High performing environment – scale with confidence without compromising security

   Fault tolerance ensured




   A secure enterprise grade API enabling you to bring the power of Value-Ad’s allocation engine to your application in a secure way

   Advanced ingress and egress policies

   Physical barriers as well as a number of logical access controls that are used to protect the application’s data


   Simplified deployment process means up and running quickly.

   Production, UAT, and test/development environments

   (REST) (DB backups) are encrypted per SHA-256

   Data encryption at rest and in transit


   Robust disaster recovery strategy


   Encrypted channels


   Event logging and monitoring


   Electronic transfer via Secure Shell (SSH)

   User specific access management to the infrastructure:

   Security groups

   Network access control lists

   Grant least privilege user policy

password policy



   Value-Ad personnel
policies and procedures

Hosting preference for, but not restricted to, Amazon Web Services (AWS), due to reliable, secure and fault tolerant (Highly Available) Cloud Infrastructure and Services with CloudWatch Metrics and Alarms.   Their Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) is an operational Singapore security management Standard (SPRING SS 584:2013), based on ISO 27001/02 Information Security Management System (ISMS) standards.   

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