The Experts Team

Our company currently operates in seven countries spanning three continents – and has managed in excess of 10 million leads.

Kevin Daly


As the founder of Value-Ad, Kevin has fulfilled various roles within the company, from actual product development to management of operations and sales over the years. As the business has grown over time, so has our team, who now take on many of these responsibilities, allowing Kevin to focus on further product development, as well as management of the business at a more strategic level.

Jeff Yap


Jeff has a degree in Business Management and Marketing. In addition to starting and selling his own educational based company, he was a sales manager for the largest Singaporean Bank as well as for South East Asia’s leading job portal. Jeff is responsible for managing and expanding our client base in South East Asia.

Andrew Martin


Andrew is a business relationship strategist and public speaker who thrives on executing bold ideas and giving sales teams the tools to effectively deliver the stories that their brands need to share with the world. Whether it’s presenting a keynote talk, or delivering a Value-Ad client webinar – Andrew has the experience, composure and flair to deliver the results, every time.

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