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We use artificial intelligence and automation to allocate the right lead to the right salesperson and manage the sales process

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Increase the conversion rate of your outbound call center agents using Smart Lead Allocation to assign leads according to sales success patterns.


Manage the activity of your sales force using the Smart Lead Management System resulting in improved agent productivity and increased sales.

Markets We Serve

bank industry
Precision Matters


Value-Ad has been assisting the banking industry for the last 10 years. We are proud to say that our product specification meets the requirements and compliance of the Banking industry, and provides uplift to the sales revenue by almost 35%.

Impressive Benchmarks


Value-Ad provides a Smart Lead Management System for the insurance industry which not only helps them to drive more sales revenue but also helps identify the training needs of the agents according to specific team objectives.

insurance industry
Value-Ad: Telemarketing
Maximum Output


Value-Ad provides Smart Lead Allocation to increase sales in the outbound telemarketing industry with a mathematical approach of connecting the contact to the right salesperson every time. Our customers are able to use existing resources for increased output.

Problems We Solve

Discover how Value-Ad can breathe new life into your sales force! Our solutions are built on research, analysis and key strategies, backed by years of experience in the industry.


Real-time insight into all stages of sales process so can take action to optimise each step.

Speed of Delivery

Fast distribution of leads to the most suited salesperson results in more sales.

Existing Resources

Increase sales skills and activity while reducing lead wastage and quantifying lead source quality.

Survival of New Agents

Increase staff retention as easy to distribute leads and identify skill training.

Who We Help

Value-Ad helps people at all levels in the organisation, resulting in company success too.

Chief Distribution Officer (CDO)

Chief Distribution Officers & Chief Insight into sales data so can make company decisions based upon facts.

Skill Trainers

Increase survival rate of new agents with data and insights into who to train, on what and when.

Senior Bancassurance

Report on lead quality and quantity as well as outcomes of increasingly expensive bank deals.

Senior Partnership

Track and report back on leads generating from nontraditional (non banking) partners.


Track the results from all types of campaigns including Social and Digital Lead Generators in real time.

Senior Agency

Provide actionable insights by monitoring activity and skills of division.

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