Manage the activity of your sales force using the Lead Management System resulting in improved agent productivity and increased sales.

Our face to face solution delivers the right lead to the right person at the right time. RESULT – improved sales force efficiency.

Leads can be sourced from multiple sources including external systems, websites, databases as well as campaign responses. By integrating these leads into the system we provide a consistent, measured approach to the sales opportunities.

Our matching and allocation rules consider several factors. These include sales consultant capacity, preferences, location, behaviour and skills – based on both quantitative and qualitative analytical models.

A message is emailed directly to the sales agent informing them that a lead has been allocated to them. The agent logs in to a secure environment in order to view the detail of the lead.

These leads can be viewed using smart mobile devices, with no app installation required.

Feedback can be provided by the agent in an easy two-step process via the mobile site. If the lead is actioned satisfactorily via the feedback, a new lead can be assigned immediately.

Appointments can be set via the system to the agent’s calendar. Event reminders are also sent via the system.

Real time reporting is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It measures both sales activity and sales skills, highlighting any development areas.

Detailed management information reports can be sent automatically via the system, to different levels of management.

Admin interface available to users where lead rules and agent profiles can be viewed and managed.

Face to face solutions via our Leads Management System


  1. A large volume of leads can be assigned rapidly.
  2. Transparency into sales activity and insight into which leads are actioned.
  3. Real time results allowing the strategy on campaigns to be adjusted according to the results achieved.
  4. Identify training needs of your sales force.
  5. Indication of the service experienced by the customer.
  6. Improved productivity.
  7. Cost effective – you only pay for the benefit we create.
  8. Granulated management information reports can be sent automatically via the system, to different levels of management.
  9. Very easy to use.
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