Increase the conversion rate of your outbound call centre agents using Smart Lead Allocation to assign leads according to sales success patterns.

Our call centre solutions are driven by our Smart Lead Allocation system, which allocates the right lead to the right call centre agent, increasing agent conversion rates.

By analysing historical data for each call centre agent, we are able to build an ideal profile of each customer for each agent.

Each new campaign is then run through our predictive modeling and a conversion rate for each lead is predicted against every call centre agent.

Our unique Smart Lead Allocation system uses predetermined rules to allocate these leads to the best possible agent in order to increase the conversion rate achieved on any campaign.

On completion of the campaign, the data is analysed and the model enhanced for the next campaign, ensuring continued improvement campaign after campaign.

Call-centre solutions via our Smart Lead Allocation system


  1. Increase conversion rates by on average 30%.
  2. Rapid deployment.
  3. No additional infrastructure and costs.
  4. Improved customer experience.
  5. Increased staff retention.
  6. Improved profitability – you pay us for additional sales generated.
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