Our company currently operates in seven countries spanning three continents –
and has managed in excess of 10 million leads.

Our Company

Value-Ad is an Australian based global company that specialises in increasing sales activity through the application of our smart analytics, optimising the use and management of sales leads in both the call centre and face to face environment.

The company’s founder, Kevin Daly, understood how difficult sales in the assurance industries can be. He realised that there are many factors that contribute to the success or failure of a sale, regardless of the industry. Finding reliable methods to understanding these factors was vital in helping companies make sense of their customer base as well as helping their sales teams increase efficiencies. He knew that effective sales-teams are more confident, more financially successful and ultimately happier. For companies, this would mean higher revenues and better staff retention – a win-win situation!

Daly’s background in financial services marketing, agency sales management, and selling financial planning software, along with his love of statistics and computer programming resulted the creation of Value-Ad in 2005.

OUR MISSION: To add value to the companies and sales people we work with. We don’t just go through the motions – we only engage where we can make a difference.


Value-Ad provides a flexible off-the-shelf solution that allows companies to put in place a best practice leads management approach.

Tony Logue, General Manager of Sales Operations & Channel Strategy, Telstra

Having the ability to track the exact journey of the lead is providing invaluable information about our client’s journey. We are able to better identify trends as well as opportunities for other Bank Offerings.

Brian Jervis, Head of Business Development for Standard Bank, South Africa

We were astounded at how our numbers immediately began climbing as soon as we implemented Value-Ad’s Leads Management system and we quickly exceeded our targets.

Frans Hattingh, PPS’s Member Relations Divisional Manager

Our clients

Our company strives to add value to all our clients.
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