Why Value-Ad?

At Value-Ad we know that a modern day sales force is only as good as the system behind it. Long gone are the days when endless outbound calls could result in a much sought after sale. Today, potential customers have a lot more choices available to them. Therefore, companies need to have a thorough understanding of their target market when considering different strategies in optimising the lead to sales process.

Currently, we operate in Australia, South-East Asia and Southern Africa. Our company mission is to add value to the companies and sales teams that we work with. To achieve this, we are continuously innovating more efficient ways of managing leads and improving sales.

Optimise lead conversion

Fine tune lead activation according to business objectives.

Drive sales revenue

Profiling potential customers and matching them to the best suited sales consultant.

Collect accurate data for marketing and sales teams

Providing an overview into how various strategies are performing according to specific team objectives.

Provide reporting on various campaign activities

Give top management insight into areas of the business that are performing well and those that may require intervention.
Manage the leads to your SALES FORCE: Increase the strike rate in your CALL CENTRE:

Discover how Value-Ad can breathe new life into your sales force! Our solutions are built on research, analysis and key strategies, backed by years of experience in the industry.

What our Clients are saying

  • Value-Ad provides a flexible off-the-shelf solution that allows companies to put in place a best practice leads management approach.
    Tony Logue, General Manager of Sales Operations & Channel Strategy, Telstra
  • Having the ability to track the exact journey of the lead is providing invaluable information about our client’s journey. We are able to better identify trends as well as opportunities for other Bank Offerings.
    Brian Jervis, Head of Business Development for Standard Bank, South Africa
  • We were astounded at how our numbers immediately began climbing as soon as we implemented Value-Ad’s Leads Management system and we quickly exceeded our targets.
    Frans Hattingh, PPS’s Member Relations Divisional Manager
  • Value-Ad is a simple and easily implemented system that takes something complicated and makes it easy.
    Cobus Myburgh, Head of Acquisition for Momentum Call Centre
  • Value-Ad has been one of the most proactive IT providers we have dealt with. Their level of support and response to requests has been excellent.
    Dean Rushton, Loan Market’s Chief Operating Officer
  • Your people are amazing. Nothing is too hard, ideas spring from every phone call and you share our vision. It feels like we speak the same language and you can pre-empt what we need next.
    Andrew White, Loan Market’s Queensland State Manager
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